Territorial io

About The Game

The battle for territory has just begun in the new version of popular multiplayer game called Territorial io. In this game you have two choices - you conquer your enemies or your territory will be conquered.

The game is pretty interesting because it has two game modes - Single Player and Multiplayer. In multiplayer mode you play against real people all around the world and you can make teams, alliances and discover a lot of other interesting features. In this game your skills of attack and defence are going to be tested.

Game Description

Territorial io

Territorial.io is an addictive online game about capturing territory. This game is available in single player and multiplayer mode. In single player mode you play against bots. In multiplayer mode you will fight against real players all around the world. The main mission of the player is to expand the territory and dominate the map. The game has a lot of different maps and really awesome gameplay so you will get a lot of positive emotions from playing it.

How To Play The Game ?

You start the game with a small territory and have to conquer your neighbours and neutral territory. The faster your territory is growing the more powerful you become. Your main mission is to act quickly and not to get other players chance to expand and attack you. The best strategy is to conquer the neutral territory first and then attack your neighbours. The match continues until there is only one player left on the map. Enjoy the full version of Territorial io for free at our website.

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